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Medical device and pharmaceutical expertise dedicated to Atlassian, PLM and SageX3 integrators

Do you have a B2B integration business, are you looking to sell pharma or medical device projects and have validation or regulatory requirements?


Our consultants and software can provide you with a valuable solution in these areas of expertise to help you successfully complete your projects and stand out.

The validation of the computerised system in the world of pharmaceuticals or medical devices is now clearly a differentiator for integrators who have chosen to target these sectors of activity.

Customers want a global offer (integration and validation), with the added benefit of a solution for validated maintenance.


We co-create with our partners manual or automated white label test packages to develop their sales.

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Make an appointment with us directly! Register on our calendar according to your availability.

You can also leave us your contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

They trust our expertise : 

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