Reqtify is a support tool for Requirements Engineering and Traceability. 


it can capture: 

  • requirements or other engineering data and tests (justifications, interfaces, risks ...) present in different documents or tools. More than 60 formats (including Word, Excel, PDF, DOORS, Rhapsody, ...) are supported, 

  • traceability between these data. 

Reqtify makes it possible to analyze the traceability, to highlight defaults (ex: duplicate reference of requirements, traceability towards a nonexistent element), to make analyzes of coverage as well as impact analyzes. 

Reqtify can also be used to capture data from a document or from a tool and transfer it to another tool, retaining their semantics. 

Reqtify is a non-intrusive tool since users stay in their work environment. It allows the deployment of a Requirements Engineering process with a weak tool constraint. However, it imposes a minimum of formalism since the information to be captured must be identifiable. 
Reqtify is widely used in medical devices to maintain traceability related to DHF and ECO. 

In addition to the basic RQS license, the optional licenses are: 

  • RQD: access to modeling tools (Matlab / Simulink, Scade, Rhapsody…) 

  • RQT: access to test tools (TestLink, HP QC / ALM…) 

  • RQG: Tagger Reqtify. The Tagger is a complementary tool that provides a Word macro (or PDF with Acrobat Professional) to generate a unique label for what the user designates as a requirement. The user selects one or more paragraphs in the document and clicks a Tagger button that generates an identifier consisting of a prefix, predefined, and a number that the Tagger increments so as to ensure the uniqueness of these identifiers.

  • RQV: Reviewer. This review tool allows you to: 

    • define customized checklists, usually derived from internal quality standards and procedures, applicable to documents or requirements.` 

    • Create reviews based on these checklists 

    • Open items in case of non-compliance, assign them to people and follow the resolution of these items. 

Reqtify facilitates compliance with the following standards: 

  • FDA : Part 11, Part 820

  • Aerospace : DO178B, DO254

  • ISO 26262, ARP 4754

  • IEC 62304, ECSS-E-nn