Dymola is a complete tool for modeling and simulation of complex systems. 


  • Multi-Engineering Modeling and Simulation: Dymola's unique system engineering capabilities are groundbreaking solutions for modeling and simulation, capable of simulating the dynamic behavior and complex interactions between systems in multiple engineering domains: mechanical , electrical, thermodynamic, pneumatic, hydraulic and control systems. Users are thus able to build more integrated models and obtain more realistic simulation results. 

  • An open and flexible environment: The Dymola environment uses the Modelica free modeling language, which means that users have the choice between creating their own model libraries and modifying the ready-to-use libraries, which better adapt to their specific needs in modeling and simulation. Its flexibility makes it a versatile tool, perfect for modeling new or alternative designs and technologies. Dymola is the keystone of CATIA V6 Dynamic Behavior Modeling, the Modelica development environment in CATIA V6. In addition, Dymola integrates the standard FMI for more flexibility in the interaction of your different Simulation models (Matlab / Simulink, Controbuild, etc ...) 

  • Modeling and simulation of multidisciplinary systems, powerful and easy to use 

  • Validation of the control systems according to the integrated installation models 

  • Reduced use of physical prototypes using executable specifications 

  • Improving the quality of the finish-good through upstream testing of a greater number of alternatives 

  • Easy communication and exchange of models between different teams working on the same project 

  • Modelica modeling language object-oriented, open and expandable 

Webinar Dymola - Simulation et modélisation de systèmes multi-physiques