Among the tools used, ControlBuild is an open software platform for automated systems that provides an innovative environment for the design and validation of critical control software applications, which fits perfectly into the integrated validation concept, as described in ASTM E2500 and recognized by the FDA. Based on a model-driven approach and supported by structured libraries, ControlBuild can effectively model, simulate, test, validate and deploy IEC 61131-3 control / command applications. 


The benefits are clear and proven: 

  • Reducing the duration and cost of development through a model-driven approach programming, thereby promoting program robustness. 

  • Simulation of tests: while the connection of the PLC to the different equipment is only possible in most cases at the end of the project, when all the equipment are installed and the programs are finished, ControlBuild makes it possible to compensate for the absence equipment during FAT tests. 

  • Improved security: By removing the constraint from the equipment, the test phases can be performed safely. ControlBuild supports security standards such as SIL2, EN50123 and IEC61508. 

  • As tests are carried out very early in the project in a virtual FAT environment close to an environment of production, debugging during the commissioning and qualification phases is then considerably reduced. 

  • Minimization of risks: ControlBuild makes it possible to detect and correct very early the malfunctions of the systems developed and tested in FAT. The unforeseen are thus better controlled and the impact on the planning minimized. 

  • Reduced cost of quality: The number of deviations and requests for modifications is considerably lightened during the qualification / validation phases, thanks to a correction of upstream defects. 

  • Easier control software maintenance: Controlbuild enables remote software maintenance. 

  • Staff training in a simulation environment close to the reality of the installation. 


ControlBuild Validation allows you to virtualize your physical industrial installation; a large part of the tests traditionally carried out on site can then be simulated in a test platform in the integration phase in a near-real-life environment. 


ControlBuild is also used for requirements management activities. 

ControlBuild Design makes it possible to generate representations of the supervision, the equipment, the line or the factory in order to have an approach not only textual but also imaged in the expression of the user needs and this is total independence of supplier or supervision. 

Light learning and use of ready-made libraries will allow the creation of very fast mockups by all end users. 

ControlBuild is natively interfaceable with Reqtify (support tool for Requirements Engineering and traceability). The link between these two applications makes it possible to bring traceability between the requirements and the application developed. It allows to make a first preliminary analysis of the needs.