3DExperiencE - Collaborative Innovation Platform 

Product Lifecycle Management


Interoperable with your information system, the platform serves as a backbone for accessing all of Dassault Systèmes' technologies. 


Deploying a Product Lifecycle Management approach facilitates the decompartmentalization of trades traditionally operating in silos. 


The platform allows you to integrate all the internal and external functions to the company in a secure and unified collaborative environment, on each phase of the development of your products. 


Thanks to a 360 ° vision around the product, the platform makes it possible to centralize all the information related to their development, from their design to their launch. 


The North dial encompasses all collaborative applications with life cycle control. 


The West dial gather applications related to 3D design and simulation. 


The South dial allows you to virtually test the behavior of pieces, assemblies, or complex multi-physical behavior. 


The East dial gives you control capabilities with indicators and dashboards thanks to Big Data and Business Intelligence applications.